Protecting Lives Born And Unborn

Please take the time to visit the following sites and let them know you support them in their pro-peace stance. If your site isn't listed here yet, why not get it on the list by putting up our ribbon and then telling us about it? We also appreciate being notified if you believe any of the below links are outdated or inaccurate.
Pro-lifers for peace as of February 11, 2000:
Random Pro-Lifer Against Clinic Violence Feeling adventurous? This link will take you to a random site from the below list.
  1. Pat Goltz's Pro-life and Feminist Writings
  2. Leftout: A Haven for Progressive (Liberal) Pro-Lifers
  3. Pro-Woman, Pro-Life: Stop Abortion
  4. What A Wonderful World
  5. "A Life Is..."
  6. Serena & Semira's Home
  7. Check Your Stereotypes At the Door
  8. neon goddess page
  9. Idle Hands Productions
  10. MaeFlowers
  11. Straight Edge Power!
  12. Christian Morality
  13. Tree of Life Pro-life Page
  14. Human Life is Sacred
  15. Vox Crying
  16. Laura's Homepage
  17. Respect Life Ministry
  18. Rennaissance Suffragettes (Pro-Life Feminism)
  19. Star Angel's Pro-Life Page
  20. Lutherans for Life
  21. DazedHippie's Causes
  22. Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League
  23. RightGrrl: Conservative Pro-Life Women
  24. Life Links
  25. Linkie's Place
  26. Sweet Pain's Causes
  27. An American Patriot's Page of Thanks
  28. Diogenes's Friends
  29. Anarchists for Life
  30. (( apprehension ))
  31. Versailles Artists for Life
  32. Matt Wallace: A Pro-Life/Anti-Violence Secular Humanist Atheist
  33. BroPeace's Page: Shalom!
  34. Carol's Pro-Life Page
  35. Mallory's Owner's Page
  36. Jim Sieffert's Page
  37. Military Spouse Club
  38. Rebecca's Pro-Life Page
  39. Reality Check-Canada
  40. Rochester Area Right To Life Committee (Rochester, NY)
  41. Joel's Journey
  42. Indiana University Students for Life
  43. Consistent Life Ethics
  44. Electric Cheetahland
  45. Central Truths
  46. Linda's Lair
  47. David Horne's Gay Pro-life Christian Homepage
  48. Roy and Joanna's Beliefs
  49. In Susan B. Anthony's Footsteps: Pro-Woman, Pro-Life! Webring
  50. The New Abolitionists (or "Funny, I Don't Feel Like A Conservative!")
  51. STAAR: Standing Together Against Abortion Rights (Canada)
  52. Do Babies Have a Choice?
  53. Weird Politik: Because Politics Can be Very Strange Sometimes
  54. Elizabeth's Place
  55. Sehlat's LifeLinks
  56. Sleepless in Atlanta
  57. Bill Samuel's Pro-Life Links
  58. Pro-Life Activities in Maryland / Washington DC
  59. Daweena's Political Page
  60. Glitched
  61. Doubet Family Page