Deaths Inside Abortion Clinics

While the mainstream members of both sides of the abortion debate agree that violence is wrong outside the abortion clinic, there is considerably less attention or discussion given to the deaths inside abortion clinics: the deaths of women receiving abortions. Women have long been assured that legal abortions are "safe" abortions. However, because 90% of illegal abortions were already performed by doctors, legalization did not make a dramatic impact on who actually performed abortions. There are few safety regulations in place to combat abortion clinic negligence. There is little recourse for those who discover too late that "legal" does not mean "safe".

These women's lives were just as important--and their deaths just as appalling--as those of clinic workers killed by radical abortion opponents. The difference is that significant media attention goes to abortionists killed, while many of these women die forgotten. The below links tell just some of their stories.

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