Pro-Lifers Against Clinic Violence

"If the deliberate extinguishment of human life has any effect at all, it more likely tends to lower our respect for life and brutalize our values." - Robert M. Byrn

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Representing the Non-Violent Majority

There is a common stereotype that all pro-lifers support radical acts of violence. This simply is not true and we are here to represent the majority of pro-lifers who do not support violence. We firmly believe that violence and abuse have no place in the pro-life movement. The misguided extremists who take part in clinic bombings and abortionist shootings are not supported by mainstream pro-lifers and do not speak for us. Violence is contrary to what the pro-life movement stands for and hurts our cause. The extremists who have embarrassed the movement and damaged its credibility disappoint us.

We challenge those who unfairly perpetuate the stereotype of pro-lifers as violent to recognize that allowing this stereotype to continue benefits no one. It makes the minority of violent radicals believe they have more support for their actions than they truly do, encouraging them in their activities. It stifles constructive dialogue on common ground issues such as lowering the demand for abortion.

We also challenge those who promote/engage in violent activities in the name of "life" to find peaceful means of expressing the pro-life message. We recognize that, as pro-lifers, it is our duty to educate others about abortion with patience and kindness, rather than continuing the cycle of loss and violence that abortion initiates. There are better ways.

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Unsafe Legal Abortions

Women are being killed by "safe" abortions. Their deaths should not be tolerated either.

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Links for Further Info on What REAL Pro-lifers Stand For

Anti-Abortion Movement Not to Blame for Clinic Violence & No Protesters Deserve Torture
A pro-life liberal comments on violence promoted by extremists--including violence used against pro-lifers.
Non-Supportive Non-Defense
The current tactics pro-choicers are using may not be properly addressing violence.
Violence...Or a Protective Ring?
This is an interesting perspective on how pro-life sidewalk counselors may actually prevent violence at clinics.
Abortion and the Media
Excerpts from a four-part LA Times report on the ways that the media distorts the position of pro-lifers. Reporters often focus on crazed, inarticulate, violence-promoting radicals instead of finding truly representative pro-lifers.
Open Letter to the Killer of Barnett Slepian
This essay discusses the various reasons violence hurts pro-lifers instead of stopping abortion.
Stop the Violence!
Includes statements from pro-lifers on violence.
The Other Side: Pro-Choice Extremism
This site contains anecdotes of pro-choicers engaging in extreme behavior. It's not acceptable for either side to engage in violence.
Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves
A Christian explains why violence is wrong.
Libertarians for Life
Founded by pro-life atheist Doris Gordon, this group argues for the pro-life position based on libertarian principles.
The Moral Question of Abortion
Provides interesting answers to various philosophical abortion arguments.
Feminists for Life
Continuing the tradition of justice and non-violence started started by pro-life feminist Susan B. Anthony.
Birthright International
Providing the compassionate help to pregnant women that is needed to really stop abortions. Visit their site for info on volunteering for them or donating to them.


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